Online material and related documents makes the South African country report and the article on South African Labour Law available on their website.

Nguyen Tu Anh and Nguyen Thu Thuy (2016). The institutions of Vietnam’s labor market and the preparation for the new context, External Economics Review, 81:28-43 (in Vietnamese language)

Abstract: The paper reviews the institutions in Vietnam’s labor market since 1990s with focus on stakeholders in the market, especially labor relations. The paper discusses the opportunities and threats that TPP brings to Vietnam and the actions related to labor market institutions that Vietnam should take in preparation for the new integration period with TPP.

Pritchett, Lant; Sen, Kunal; Kar, Sabyasachi, and Raihan, Selim (2016) Trillions gained and lost: Estimating the magnitude of growth episodes, Economic Modeling, 55: 279-291

Abstract: An increasingly large literature in the empirics of growth has viewed economic growth as an ‘episodic phenomena’. We propose a new technique for measuring the totalmagnitude of a growth episode: the change in output per capita resulting from one structural break in the trend growth of output (acceleration or deceleration) to the next. Our method allows us to quantify the amount of income gain and loss during growth accelerations and growth decelerations. We show that the income gains and losses are staggering in magnitude, often multiples of the level of income at the start of the growth episode. The top 20 growth accelerations have a net present value (NPV) magnitude of 30 trillion dollars—twice the US GDP. The top 20 growth decelerations account for 35 trillion dollars less inNPV of output. What explains such ‘staggering’ gains and losses in income over relatively short periods is the key question that future research on economic growth should try and address.

Researchers of the r4d team publish a co-authored World Bank Policy Research Working Paper on The Labor Content of Exports Database. The r4d team is working on updating the database and extending its coverage of developing economies in the course of the project.

Online article on in the Daily Star by Selim Raihan: Why do some countries trade more than others? – June 13, 2016.

Online article on in the Daily Star by Selim Raihan: Is Bangladesh all set to be a middle income country?  March 06, 2016.

Download the Conference Proceedings on Connecting Vietnamses enterprises to Global markets.

Selim Raihan talks on the book titled “Structural Change and Dynamics of Labor Markets in Bangladesh: Studies on Labor and Employment”.

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Download the book on “Structural Change and Dynamics of Labor Markets in Bangladesh: Studies on Labor and Employment” launched by the South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM).

The South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM) is pleased to share its first video documentary on “Female Labor Force Participation in Bangladesh”, which is an embodiment of SANEM’s current research work on the dynamics of female labor force participation.

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