The Employment Effects of Different Policy Instruments project disseminates its findings through four types of publications.

  1. Working papers
    are peer-reviewed treatises that scrutinize their subject in detail and may focus on several themes. They are long and detailed manuscripts that aim to fill various gaps in the literature about our project countries and developmental mechanisms by providing detailed empirical data and their interpretation.
  2. Policy Briefs
    are short executive summaries of our research outcomes. Their aim is to communicate practical implications of our findings to all stakeholders. They are produced both in English and in the most common languages of our project countries.
  3. Journal Articles
    are our scientific contributions. They are written in accordance with the rules of particular peer-reviewed journals and essentially middle length and single focus manuscripts aiming to inform scientific community about both empirical and theoretical findings of our project.
  4. Videos and online material
    help making our research visible to the wider public. Their aim is to make our research available to a larger audience by preparing material that processes our research in an attractive way that is easy to understand for various stakeholders and interest groups.