Vietnam sub-project

The Vietnam Country Project will produce four papers.

Paper 1 (2015)
This paper provides an overview of Vietnam’s economic growth and employment since the country unified in 1975.
Paper 2 (2015)
This paper provides evidence for the contribution of various factors (such as investment, efficiency of investment and knowledge) to the economic growth of Vietnam during the renovation process.

Paper 3 (2016)
This paper explores the issue of “employment and quality of employment in Vietnam” which emphasizes the role of SMEs, the migration from rural area to urban area, and the development of labor skills in the transition process. This paper also scrutinizes whether and when people need to upgrade their skills.

Paper 4 (2017)
This paper examines the tendency of industrial clustering by focusing on four questions: (i) why does Vietnam needs industrial clusters; (ii) what is the role of foreign firms in shaping industrial clusters; (iii) what are the roles of the market and government in building up an industrial cluster; (iv) which policies are effective and which are not in helping industrial clusters. We place special focus on the electronics sector and the period of general and customized treatments for foreign investors. In the general treatment scheme, all foreign investors in one sector are granted with equal preferential conditions, while in the customized treatment scheme, a TNC with a large scale investment project or a high-tech project with commitment of technology transfer can negotiate with the government for special preferential conditions. We hypothesize that the customized scheme is effective in helping domestic firms to upgrade their technology level, while the general scheme is not.