Switzerland sub-project

The Swiss team coordinates research activities under the three project pillars:

  1. Integration into international markets and its effects on employment
  2. Technological upgrading and its labor market outcomes
  3. Restructuring labor markets

Our team produced literature surveys on the three project pillars
Labour Market Effects of Integration into GVCs (Pillar 1)
Technology and Productivity in Developing countries (Pillar 2)
Employment Effects of Innovation in Developing Countries (Pillar 2) and
Two worlds of Minimum Wages (Pillar 3).

We also worked on a legal overwiew on The International Regulatory Framework for National Employment Policies in the project countries.

The team will provide on an overview paper on the technology content of exports in the six project partners, and work on research papers with a strong focus on the informal sector, both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

Furthermore, the team has been working on extending the coverage and updating the methodology used in the construction of the database on the labor content of exports, which will be used for further research in the second project phase (2017-2020). A summary of our undertaking is available in the report on Labour Income and Employment embodied in Internationally Fragmented Production Chains.