Madagascar sub-project

The Madagascar Country Project is focused on self-employment and the integration of informal sector in the formal economy. The broad research questions that this study needs to answer include: which strategies firms and employees have been using in order to cope with the economic crises of the last decade? What are the implications of these strategies in terms of formal and informal employment dynamics? Self-employment constitute a household strategy to alleviate poverty, is it possible to develop this sector? If so, what are the main obstacles to its development? What instruments do decision-makers possess to improve job quantity and quality in  the informal sector? In this study, three papers will be produced in relation to the research focus:

Paper 1 (2015)
This paper is entitled “Country Paper for Madagascar: Labor Market, Economic Situation, and Development Policy”.

Paper 2 (2016)
This paper is entitled “Surviving or thriving: Efficiency level of production units and its determinants in Madagascar: a heterogeneous sector”

Paper 3 (2017)
This paper is entitled “Demand assessment of microcredit for employment creation through small enterprises promotion: combination of subjective and objective approaches”. This study will be primarily based on an analysis of the databases available in the Institut National de la Statistique such as labor force surveys, households surveys, data from national accounts, price databases and enterprises surveys. A specific survey will be realized in the course of the project.