Ghana sub-project

The Ghana Country Project will produce three papers.

Paper 1 (2015)
This paper outlines main contours of economy, demography and politics and elaborates on intentions and impact of main development policies that have been implemented during the last three decades.

Paper 2 (2016)
This paper is on the theme ‘FDI, Technological Upgrading and Employment’. The objective of this component of the research project is to investigate whether FDI leads to technological upgrading, to identify the channels whereby this takes place, to identify the characteristics of firms that upgrade and to examine the implications for the quantity and quality of employment. The analysis will contain a gender dimension.  It will involve the conduct of a firm level survey (manufacturing and services sectors) to answer the research questions.

Paper 3 (2017)
This paper is on the theme ‘Integrating Local Firms into the global market’. It has two sub-components. The first is a value chain analysis of the yam sector in Ghana with a specific focus on the employment effects and gender dimensions. Yam is an important non-traditional export for Ghana.  The second component will examine more generally the characteristics of firms that participate in the global value chain and the challenges firms face. We will be particularly interested in comparing the quality of employment across firms and finding out what may explain any similarities and differences. Data for this second component will be collected during the conduct of the firm survey in 2015.